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Mon, 15.08.2011 18:23
You forgot to mention that in China they no longer have a ge nder-neutral pronoun in writin g. Ever since the mid 20 [...]
Sun, 06.03.2011 07:06
Thank god for Mass. Let's jus t hope by the time it gets to the supreme court the court wi ll be ready to pass it s [...]
LaLaTink about I "Heart" Hunter
Tue, 01.02.2011 00:51
I never hated him. I also neve r got why people hated him as I always loved hiw sarcasm and humor shrugs to each [...]
Sun, 23.01.2011 18:38
Well, i think its religion,coz education can only give u kno wledge of the world. The relig ion is the thing that gi [...]
Cory about for Lame?
Thu, 09.12.2010 12:33
shane always has bad hair days . seriously, she looks like th e grudge sometimes. and she to tally isnt a femme eithe [...]

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